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a musician’s dream album cover portrait photography session

When the musicians call for a portrait session, the answer will always be YES, YES, YES! I love music, I love to take portraits and I’m an old school vinyl record lover. These jobs really hit “all the things” for me. Johnny Kasun is a finger-picking style guitar player that writes, plays and sings. This classically trained musician can entertain for hours in a quiet restaurant setting but also rock a bar with covers of the Grateful Dead. Now that’s talent. We were fortunate to get perfect light on mild evening in May. That’s not always the case on the East Coast.

Johnny and I shot his portraits during the magic hour before sunset at the Asbury Park Boardwalk. Just walking back and forth over a couple of blocks of real estate opened up a world of back drops. The following images will show the versatility of this shoot location. Two guitars and two different hats also garnered a whole lot of different looks and moods. Each song on an album is completely different than the next and it’s always my goal to find all the different sides of my subject’s personality in their images. Photographing Johnny straight on, from above and from below – made for some gymnastics on my part, but a whole lot of fun as well!


Marnie Doherty is a Jersey Shore based portrait photographer. She specializes in “story telling style” portraiture for high school seniors, families and professional projects. Professional portrait projects include anything from head shots for social media and website use to full length shots for record albums like this one. She will work closely with you to create the looks you had in mind while surprising you with images you may never have thought of. Contact Marnie for your custom portrait photography experience. You can see more of her work at her website, or the most recent posts on her Instagram @marniedoherty.

May 8, 2021



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